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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 First Multiplayer Trailer Revealed

The first game play trailer from Black Ops 2’s multiplayer is finally upon us. I don’t know why but these videos always pump me up. What can I say, I just love me some Call of Duty online action. Opening thoughts on the video are this; I can easily see myself rage throwing my controller over some of those kill streaks, but I’m excited to use them. Enjoy the madness below and let us know what you think. I personally can’t wait to get my hands on this.

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Summer Gaming – A Kingdom of Boredom

The Walking Dead: Episode 2 – To chop or not to chop?

Here I am deep into the summer with one major problem. There  has been nothing of enjoyment to play. Honestly, it’s the time of the year where I seem to have the most free time, yet no games are out. I played the next chapter in The Walking Dead but beyond that its slim pickings. So, what I’ve been trying to do is play games which have been on awesome summer deals that I skipped over during the busier times. I’m going to talk about them, and mostly how I’m happy I didn’t pay full price because I simply cannot get into anything. It’s becoming frustrating, but I’ll give some impressions on things anyway.
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Spec Ops: The Line Review

Spec Ops: The Line is a squad based third person shooter. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? How this game is different though is that it promises a much deeper story than your typical military shooter. Hard moral choices and the darker parts of warfare are what is supposed to set this game apart from the crop. How does this ambitious route on your typical military third person shooter play out? Spec Ops: The Line delivers on the promise of story, and provided an enjoyable gameplay experience with a new environment as well.
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Max Payne 3 Review

Finally, a new Max Payne game is upon us. Sporting a new developer in Rockstar, taking over for Remedy, Max Payne comes into this current generation with great promise. I mean, Rockstar has made some of the greatest games I’ve played this generation. They had publishing duties on the first two games and now are fully in charge. Max Payne 3 definitely feels like a Rockstar game, with gritty and depressing themes all over it, but does it have what it takes to please old Max Payne fans while adhering to a new generation of gamer? Does this new dark direction for Max pay off?

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Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier Review

June 18, 2012 1 comment

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier is a third person tactical shooter from Ubisoft. It’s been almost six years now since a Ghost Recon game has been out. The original games on this generation of platforms provided great 3rd person gameplay with robust online offerings. Their graphics were spectacular at the time. They really showed what the Xbox 360 was made of both technically, and from an online perspective. So, how does the long awaited return play out?
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The Walking Dead: Episode 1 Review

The Walking Dead: Episode 1 is the latest episodic adventure from Telltale Games. Based more on the comic book series than the television show, you take on the role of Lee Everett, a former history teacher (and new character to the series) whose fate you will be responsible for throughout Telltale’s budding saga.

Being a huge fan of the Walking Dead television series piqued my interest greatly in Telltale’s game. A world invaded by zombies that places an emphasis on the survivors’ emotions rather than just seeing how many zombies one can kill is interesting.  The Walking Dead video game promises to be the same way, where instead of killing waves of zombies, you find yourself interacting with survivors and seeing the fear and emotional toll this horrific event has on them. The game does a good job with this, giving you dialogue tree choices much like an RPG would. Your choices affect just how others will both view and react to you, as well as how certain situations (both in this game and in future episodes) will play out.

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The Darkness 2 Review

February 18, 2012 Leave a comment

The Darkness 2 is an interesting game. The original game, developed by Starbreeze, has become a classic amongst fans. Now with the sequel by Digital Extremes, coming nearly five years after the first game, one might have expected a somewhat mediocre experience.  What you get though is anything but mediocrity. You get a well put together shooter with great pacing, an interesting story, and a wonderful over-the-top gore fest.

In the original Darkness, our main character Jackie Estacado is being hunted by the mob. He gets overtaken by the Darkness, which is a demonic-like force that has been in his family for generations. The love of his life, Jenny Romano, gets kidnapped by the mobsters and the Darkness restrains Jackie while they kill her right in front of him. From then on out you pretty much go on a revenge rampage, destroying everything and everyone with your new Darkness powers, consisting of two demonic arms that allow you to demolish your enemies.

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