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Playing Games?

September 25, 2012 Leave a comment

Yes, I have been playing games. I know it’s been a while for any type of update here on Player 2 but I’m back to do a little chit chatting about what I’ve been playing and some of my impressions on them. In my last post I’ve said I was really excited about Darksiders 2. How did that turn out? What else have I been playing? Also, I’ll give some WiiU thoughts from a person who doesn’t like Nintendo really at all. Keep reading for one of my first updates in weeks.
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Track of the Week: “Closed Shop” (Recettear)

Ever imagine what it would be like to play as the town’s shop keeper?…OK I’m sure you haven’t but work with me here. Recettear is basically just that, part running your shop and part dungeon crawler to get items to stock your store. You play as a young girl name Recette who is aided, and extorted by a fairy name Tear to “help” pay off a debt that was left behind when her father mysteriously disappeared.

There really is not much to this game. You gain control of a shop where you can sell every thing you find in dungeons or get from customers selling them to you. The dungeons are done by finding heroes throughout the town by going to a certain spot throughout the day, starting up conversations that lead them to giving you permission to use them in dungeons. The dungeons themselves are randomized and have different amounts of floors that end with a boss battle. There may not be much to this game, but it’s extremely addicting due to its humor and simple gameplay that’s easy to learn and not really that hard to master. The music selection will be heard every morning, right before you open your shop. Setting up the items on display to be sold and changing the interior to possibly attract different customers than normal. Even after you beat the story mode, you can just keep on going till your heart desires! Fancy a challenge? Well there is a survival mode as well to challenge yourself even further. This game can be bought on Steam for $19.99, but it usually is on sale for a majority of time. This game is definitely worth it for people looking for a unique gaming experience that is just simple fun from start to finish.

Diablo 3: First Impressions

You’ll have to excuse my absence from the blog. I have been very busy playing games, well, for you guys. I mean, I wasn’t really interested in Diablo 3. Diablo 2 was great– any Warcraft game is great– but I decided to play Diablo 3 just for you, the reader…

So here we go. There are a few things I want to mention before we even start Diablo. After the login screen, you will be presented with the In-Game Menu. From here you have a few options to select.

Start/Resume Game – From this option you can start your game or resume a game that you previously left with an unfinished quest. If you are going to log out, try and make sure you have reached a checkpoint. The game will resume according to the last checkpoint reached.

Change Quest – Any previous quests you have completed, you can come back to thanks to this option.

Public Games – Complete some quests with the aid of another player. There is a level lock to these quests. For example, you can’t be level 30 and join a public game with a player who is level 1. However, you are free to join a friend’s game regardless of level.

Auction House – Here you can buy, sell or bid on equipment and items. To redeem the item that you bought, click the Complete tab and you will find a button that says Send to Stash. There will be an option to use real currency, but due to Diablo 3 launch day server issues, the plan to bring that option live has been delayed.

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