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The Darkness 2 Demo Is Awesome

Yes, I’m writing an article about a demo, but it has to be said. It’s an awesome demo. Maybe I’m pulling the trigger on its awesomeness prematurely here. It is just a demo. It’s awesome though. Have I said it’s awesome? For all I know the full game may not be great, but I can’t see that being possible. The demo has actually done its job for once. It has gotten me overly excited for the full release. The demo gives you just enough action to understand the game, while leaving you begging for more. The amount of gore and violence is insanely satisfying and I can’t get enough of it. The smile it puts on my face is great, if not a little bit of a cause for concern (I’m not that into ripping off heads in the real world, or am I?). I’m not a big demo player, nor do I let them have any major effects on my purchasing choices, but this demo just caught me off guard. Being a big fan of the original Darkness, I came in excited for the sequel. A new developer and new voice for the main character though had me thinking of the possibility of a major letdown. Boy was I wrong.

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