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Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron is a direct sequel to Transformers: War of Cybertron. Unfortunately I never got to try the first one, time flew by and I can’t even recall ever being curious about it. Which I feel may have been a mistake. I’ve been able to get a sample of gameplay with Fall of Cybertron and I’m really impressed with how everything works with the game. This game has done something that even the Transformers movies weren’t able to do, an occurance of flashbacks of my childhood sitting in front of the television watching rented VHS of Transformers kick in, and I can’t help but feel within the short time I’ve had with this game, it may be better than watching the movie.

Right off the bat I can’t help but think how amazing the game would look if it put as much work as Guerrilla Games did with Killzone 3s background graphics. What I mean by that is how the game does well with all the action in front of you, and all the action in the background. Fall of Cybertron has a lot of events going on in the background and even though it doesn’t match how well Guerrilla Games did to make all the background action feel near you, High Moon Studios did put some hard work into their background. The section of the game I played places you as Bumblebee. You’re on a spaceship, about to enter a portal to another domain when Megatron ship appears above you immobilizing your ship, trying to prevent you from moving onward. At that moment the Decepticons raid your ship and try taking over. You are left to defend the ships bridge while Optimus Prime heads off to defend a different area of attack. You are asked to help Optimus Prime as you secure the bridge but on your way you run into multiple problems such as the ship nearly blowing up, while the Dececpticons are completely taking over.

As you can expect, this game is a third person shooter. You have your melee combat, shooting, sprinting, switching the view from the left or right shoulder, and of course transforming. What it offers is enjoyable but it doesn’t offer anything ground breaking, that’s not to say it’s bad though. Aiming to shoot enemies feels fine, I don’t ever question the controls but rather anticipate defeating the enemy. Transorming into a vehicle to burst through explosions feels great, at first I didn’t like the speed and how the movement controls as a vehicle, but then I discovered the boost button and all was well. The story seems to be surprising well told, at least so far. Again, nothing ground breaking, it’s what you expect from being a Transformers fan, but I really feel a connection to the old VHS tapes I use to watch. The story doesn’t seem to go off course, it stays on track and simple to the franchise.

On the other side of a playable character is Vortex of the Decepticons. Starscream sends you out on a mission to destroy a bridge. As Vortex, you get to experience what it’s like to take the combat and travel in the air, which feels great. There is nothing like fighting on the ground and a second later transforming into a helicopter to take the battle elsewhere. The transition from ground to air is very smooth and quick. You will find your self often transforming back and forth with Vortex. You can choose to take things easy and slow and fight your enemies on the ground as you make progress, or you can destroy your foes quickly on the ground transforming into a helicopter, bursting through to get to the next platform to wipe out any remaining Autobots.

The time I spent with Fall of Cybertron was short but filled with action. While I’m more of a Decepticons person, I enjoyed my time playing as an Autobot. There are a title or two I’m looking into getting this month so I’m not sure I’ll be picking this up on release date, but I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out on this one if an increase of cash flow occurs. Fall of Cybertron is due out this month on the 21st. The game features a multiplayer mode as well as single player. I quickly browsed through the multiplayer section just to see what it’s about but because I’m not much of a multiplayer person, I didn’t spend any time in a match. The multiplayer mode allows you to create an Autobot or Decepticon from scratch. The four classes you get to choose from are Destroyer, Infiltrator, Scientist, and Titan. If you played War of Cybertron, you will want to know that game had a Co-Op mode, however, Fall of Cybertron does not. I will try to get some experience on the multiplayer mode, until then know that this positive impression came from the single player mode and it alone might be worth purchasing Fall of Cybertron.

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