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Max Payne 3 Review

Finally, a new Max Payne game is upon us. Sporting a new developer in Rockstar, taking over for Remedy, Max Payne comes into this current generation with great promise. I mean, Rockstar has made some of the greatest games I’ve played this generation. They had publishing duties on the first two games and now are fully in charge. Max Payne 3 definitely feels like a Rockstar game, with gritty and depressing themes all over it, but does it have what it takes to please old Max Payne fans while adhering to a new generation of gamer? Does this new dark direction for Max pay off?

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Track of the Week: “Closed Shop” (Recettear)

Ever imagine what it would be like to play as the town’s shop keeper?…OK I’m sure you haven’t but work with me here. Recettear is basically just that, part running your shop and part dungeon crawler to get items to stock your store. You play as a young girl name Recette who is aided, and extorted by a fairy name Tear to “help” pay off a debt that was left behind when her father mysteriously disappeared.

There really is not much to this game. You gain control of a shop where you can sell every thing you find in dungeons or get from customers selling them to you. The dungeons are done by finding heroes throughout the town by going to a certain spot throughout the day, starting up conversations that lead them to giving you permission to use them in dungeons. The dungeons themselves are randomized and have different amounts of floors that end with a boss battle. There may not be much to this game, but it’s extremely addicting due to its humor and simple gameplay that’s easy to learn and not really that hard to master. The music selection will be heard every morning, right before you open your shop. Setting up the items on display to be sold and changing the interior to possibly attract different customers than normal. Even after you beat the story mode, you can just keep on going till your heart desires! Fancy a challenge? Well there is a survival mode as well to challenge yourself even further. This game can be bought on Steam for $19.99, but it usually is on sale for a majority of time. This game is definitely worth it for people looking for a unique gaming experience that is just simple fun from start to finish.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier Review

June 18, 2012 1 comment

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier is a third person tactical shooter from Ubisoft. It’s been almost six years now since a Ghost Recon game has been out. The original games on this generation of platforms provided great 3rd person gameplay with robust online offerings. Their graphics were spectacular at the time. They really showed what the Xbox 360 was made of both technically, and from an online perspective. So, how does the long awaited return play out?
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Track of the Week: “Resistance and Extermination” (Gravity Rush)

This became one of the hardest articles for me to write. As I selected a song from Gravity Rush, I couldn’t help but want to ditch this article and go back to playing the game. I can give you a few reasons why but I’ll save that for the review coming soon. As I started Gravity Rush, I was instantly surprised by the soundtrack. The overall feel of this game is light, and fun. Just when you think the game is about to be serious, you’ll find a silly conversation with a character around the corner, and that’s not a bad thing. The music certainly helps convey this adventure mixed with serious, light, and fun themes.

Resistance and Extermination is the theme played while engaged in combat. It combines the serious and fun feel of the game. While this music is playing, there is so much going on. Enemies are spawning, and civilians need to be protected. You can fight on the ground with your ground combos as well as float in the air and use gravity to deliver attacks. There are times where you are swarmed by enemies with your gravity bar is depleting, which leaves you fighting on the ground until it fills back up. The music delivers this feel of tension as you are fighting on the ground then in the next second or two, shifting into the gravity state to deliver an attack to a flying enemy which you might miss and try again, while a civilian is crouched over asking to be saved. All of this with Kat flying through the air, screaming, getting ready to land her Gravity Kick. This game does have a serious moment or two but overall never tends to get too serious. It’s filled with a light story, adventerous gameplay, and a world to explore, followed by a soundtrack that conveys the exact feeling you should be feeling given the scenerio. It was tough to decide on what piece I wanted to make my article about, but I believe this theme gives the listener a taste of what this game is about.

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Nintendo’s E3 Press Conference: All About The Games Baby!

Today was a big day for Nintendo. It was the first day that we got to see how games will look and work on the Nintendo Wii U. We got to see the different ways that the WiiU Game Pad will enhance our game play in a myriad of unique ways. The first new game to be shown today was Pikmin 3, A RTS/Action management game in which the player uses up to 100 plant like creatures called Pikmin to complete different task to advance the game. The game uses the Game Pad monitor to show a map of the surrounding area and allows you control over where the Pikmin can go. The game can also be played with just the Game Pad, giving you a top down view of the world, allowing for more deeper strategy game play. The original Wii Remote can also be used. It allows you to aim the Pikmin and throw them at basically anywhere you can aim at. Shaking the nunchuk will make the Pikmin charge up before attacking.

The next game to be announced was Batman Arkham City Armored Edition. It’s the same game that was released in 2011 with all the DLC, but with the additions that Game Pad add to enhance the experience. The Game Pad allows for all the menu’s to be accessed on the touch screen, such as the map always up while playing, quick access to change your gadgets on the fly, upgrade your skills and gadgets, scan the surrounding area for clues, and show a meter called Battle Armor Tech (BAT…I see what you did there). BAT allows Batman to do more damage during combat. What all this does is allow the player to stay in the action, while all the menu interactions are taken care of on the Game Pad.
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Sony’s E3 Press Conference: The Best Is Yet To Come

According to Jack Tretton, I have been gaming for 17 years! Holy hell I’m old. Where has all that time gone? Anyway, I’ll move on before I get sidetracked and reminisce. As always, the PlayStation Press Conference opens up with Jack Tretton acknowledging the gamers and thanking them for their support. There are times where it seems he is reading from a script but there are times as well where he talks as he’s one of us and I always appreciate that from him.

The Press Conference opens up strong, with David Cage from Quantic Dreams attending the stage to discuss his teams new game, Beyond: Two Souls. Beyond will follow 15 years of Jodie’s life, allowing you to experience the life of a person who has the ability to see spirits. Jodie is played by the actress Ellen Page. Your actions and decisions will determine her fate as you engage in this emotional action thriller. Quantic Dream clearly believes there is an audience out there for adult gaming. With the release of Heavy Rain, and a first look of Beyond, I think they have proven their point.

Shortly after, Tretton talked about the PlayStation video “Michael”. As many of us guessed, the video was a teaser of what was to come, PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royal. SuperBot announced the title will be releasing for the PlayStation Vita as well, which will be cross compatible. What’s pretty neat about this, as they demonstrated, the Vita can be used as a controller to participate in this game. It wasn’t until I realized that I have 2 PS3 controllers that I now have a third! I have to say, I’m a bit disappointed. We didn’t see really anything new. We saw the same level and characters as it was first announced, with the addition of Nathan Drake, and Big Daddy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to this title, but I felt they could have released a little more information. More characters, levels, or some footage on some characters attacks. Along with the announcement of cross play for PlayStation All-Stars: Batlle Royale, LittleBigPlanet 2 has been confirmed to receive a DLC that includes the cross play feature as well as additional costumes and levels.

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Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference: A Pleasant Suprise, Even Without Many Surprises.

Coming into E3 this year expectations were low on what Microsoft had to show, if anything. They had few exclusive titles, and everyone expected them to concentrate on a couple of games, but primarily the Xbox 360 as a media device. Well surprise, surprise because they didn’t stray far from the expectations. Although no real large reveals came to fruition, Microsoft still managed to hold an impressive conference by showcasing many big titles, great new media functionality, and of course, some decent Kinect stuff as well.

The show started off with a bang. Halo 4 is what every core gamer came for, and boy did it deliver. It offered stunning visuals, new enemy types, and what seems to be another great iteration to the Halo series. This was followed up by a nice lengthy demo of the much anticipated new title in the Splinter Cell franchise, Splinter Cell: Blacklist. The latest stealth action game featuring the awesome Sam Fisher looks to take the game in an over-the-top killing spree. Sam seems as lethal as ever as he moved through an enemy base with ease using the games mark and shoot gameplay from the last Splinter Cell. Also accompanying the game is Kinect voice commands, allowing the player to distract guards and call in air strikes with their voice. The worst part of this demo (and a devastating loss for this long time Splinter Cell fan) is the loss of Michael Ironside as Sam Fisher, sad to see him go.
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